Past Participant Stories

Past Participants

Avi Knoll
Avi Knoll (2015-16)
Chantal Tanner
Chantal Tanner (2015-16)
Eli Oshrov
Eli Oshorov (2015-16)
Ely Elsass
Ely Elsass (2015-16)
Jeremy Etkind
Jeremy Etkind (2015-16)
Lanna Newman-Plant
Lanna Newman-Plant (2015-16)
Adam Grodeck
Adam Grodeck (2016-17)
Dana Klas
Dana Klas (2016-17)
Deb Neumann
Deb Neumann (2016-17)
Yuli Dar
Yuli Dar (2016-17)
Amy Dascal
Amy Dascal (2017-18)
Bracha Raphael
Bracha Rafael (2017-18)
Chloe Stimar
Chloe Stimar (2017-18)
Graham Kaplan
Graham Kaplan (2017-18)
Rebecca Sharp
Rebecca Sharp (2017-18)
Amy Dascal "I applied for the Naomi Chazan Fellowship as I wanted to learn more about the complex issues that Israeli society is currently facing. The Fellowship allowed me to not only see and experience some of these issues first hand, it also opened my eyes to the amazing work that programs and charities who are supported by NIF are doing in Israeli society." – Amy Dascal
Bracha Rafael“I joined the fellowship because I wanted to connect with people in Israel and abroad who are passionate about the vibrancy of Israel’s democracy. Thanks to the NIF, I’ve learned a great deal and met amazing people doing incredible work.” – Bracha Rafael

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