Why is NIF Australia partnering with Breaking the Silence?


While BTS does not currently receive funding from NIF Australia, NIF globally has supported BTS since 2005, a year after its inception, and continues to do so because its work aligns with NIF’s objectives of strengthening Israel by:

  • ending the Occupation, and
  • reinforcing Israel’s democratic and values and institutions.

NIF Australia believes it is vital for all of us who support Israel as the national homeland for the Jewish people to be informed of the unvarnished realities – for better or for worse – of the Occupation of the Palestinian Territories, now in its 51st year.

There can be no better way than hearing the testimonies of those patriotic men and women who have worn the IDF uniform and served – with courage, and often at the risk of their lives – to keep Israel secure.

Their testimonies sometimes paint an unflattering picture of the Occupation and they can be difficult to listen to. But insisting that they be published (subject to military censorship to ensure they do not endanger Israel’s security), no matter how difficult or discomforting their content, enables a light to be shone on impact of the Occupation that the Israeli public. Further, supporters of Israel globally are entitled to know when they cast their next vote, write their next cheque, or engage in their next political discussion with family, friends, or those with political influence.