Why has the Israeli government tried to ban Breaking the Silence?


No government is ever happy to come under political attack, and human rights organisations around the world, for as long as they have existed, have received negative responses to their work from the governments whose policies they oppose.

Lively, robust debate of this kind is the lifeblood of any vibrant democracy, and Israel is one of the most vibrant democracies of all. In recent years, however, we have seen a trend amongst some ‘democracies’ to attempt to silence, rather than engage in meaningful policy debate with, their opponents – Russia, Turkey, Poland, the Philippines, and even Australia are examples that come readily to mind.

Attempts to shut down political debate so that government policies cannot be scrutinised represent a significant risk to democracy. NIF is committed to preserving and strengthening Israel’s democracy by doing whatever it can to ensure that all voices continue to be heard.