Are Breaking the Silence testimonies checked for accuracy?


BTS understands that the success of its mission depends upon the Israeli public having confidence that the testimonies it publishes are accurate and reliable. Each testimony undergoes rigorous checking and testing by BTS staff.

This process works: after 14 years and more than 1000 testimonies, no testimony has been proven false.

The overwhelming majority of testimonies relate to mundane, everyday occurrences at checkpoints or homes in the Palestinian Occupied Territories of a kind that most soldiers serving there are well acquainted with. They are indisputable and no-one does, in fact, dispute them.

In some ways, these are the most important testimonies. They do not require investigation or charges against individual soldiers. Rather, they highlight how the existence of the Occupation creates situations where questionable or immoral acts are the norm.

Some testimonies, usually those dealing with more unusual or controversial conduct, have come under attack. However, not one BTS testimony has ever been proven false. In some cases BTS’s verification processes have determined that information given to it has been false. No testimony is published in these cases.