Are Breaking the Silence testimonies anonymous?


Many of the testimonies are not anonymous. You can view a range of them on Breaking the Silence’s website.

Often soldiers do request anonymity and BTS respects this. There are many reasons for making this request:

  • Speaking out against others in any context (for example against corruption in the workplace or against illegal or antisocial behaviour in family or social settings) is always difficult, and this is particularly so when the subject – the Occupation – is one of the core issues in society.
  • Some soldiers are still serving.
  • Others fear threats or victimisation by their colleagues, the media, or pro-occupation organisations, and unfortunately there have been a number of instances of this occurring.
  • Some who have testified have become the subject of highly false and damaging slander.

BTS believes it has a duty to protect those individuals who have concerns about these potential consequences of breaking their silence.