Taking action on behalf of Israelis from Mizrahi, Russian, Ethiopian and Arab communities who have experienced racism

Israel Racism Crisis Centre

Two of Israel’s leading social justice organisations – the Israel Religious Action Centre (IRAC) of the Reform Movement, and the Coalition Against Racism – have come together to launch this important new initiative.

Currently in its formative stages, the Racism Crisis Centre will scale up to work with more than 200 individual cases each month.

  1. Working mainly with Mizrahi, Russian, Ethiopian and Arab communities in Israel, the Centre supports victims of racism, whether they’ve been discriminated against at work, in trying to rent an apartment, or by the police.
  2. Run by a staff experienced in case management and litigation, the Centre ensures that successful legal action is taken against the perpetrators.
  3. Cases handed by the Centre also serve as wider precedents in the efforts to have racism stamped out across Israel. This is achieved by highlighting cases in Israeli media and having public officials call out racism.

We are grateful to, and acknowledge the support of, the Besen Foundation in making this grant to the IRCC happen.