About The Trip

The trip include tours to see some of important work NIF supports in Israel: encouraging shared society between Jews and Arabs in Israel, promoting human rights in the West Bank, striving for equality between all streams of Judaism and ensuring the rights of minorities (including Palestinian citizens of Israel and refugees and people seeking asylum from Africa) are protected.

The trip will take place between January 8 and 12, 2017. Participants can arrange their own accommodation in Jerusalem that fits their preferences and budget. The cost of the trip includes buses each day, tour guides, entrance fees to museums, lunch every day, and most dinners (detailed below).

Each morning, you will meet at a central location in Jerusalem and join the group on a fabulous day-trip, around Jerusalem, to Tel Aviv, around Southern Israel, or into the West Bank. You must participate in each day of the trip (i.e. you cannot choose to attend only two of the five days).

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