Supporting Hagai, ACRI and the New Israel Fund

Dear friend --

The first visit that Hagai El-Ad, Executive Director of the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), has just made to Australia was very important.

Seldom before has the Australian Jewish community had such ready access to information, and heard such an important message, about the state of human rights and civil liberties in Israel.

Hagai’s two week visit was covered extensively by the media and he spoke to hundreds of people of all ages at meetings hosted by Jewish and human rights organisations in Sydney and Melbourne. His last talk, at Temple Beth Israel, was attended by over 100 young leaders and members of Jewish youth movements.

Anyone who heard Hagai gained deeper understanding of how crucial the work of ACRI and other NIF grantees is for the future of Israel as both a Jewish and a democratic state. And NIF Australia is committed to assisting Israelis striving to realise the aspiration in Israel’s Declaration of Independence, to “ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion, race or sex.”

You can be part of this work. Please consider a donation to the New Israel Fund Australia Foundation. You can donate online by credit card, or by making an electronic funds transfer. If you choose, you can direct your donation to ACRI or to one of the six grantees that NIF Australia is currently focusing on.

Together, we can support human rights and a more equitable and democratic society for all Israelis.

Kind regards,

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Robin Margo
President, NIF Australia

P.S. Our next guest will be acclaimed Israeli historian and author Gershom Gorenberg, whom you can hear in Melbourne on 21 November or in Sydney on 27 November. Click through for more details about his not-to-be-missed events with NIF Australia.