What are some examples of recent achievements of NIF grantees?


The list of achievements by NIF-funded organisations is impressively long. The following are a few recent outcomes of work by organisations supported and funded by NIF:

  • A ruling by the Israeli High Court that publicly funded buses cannot compel or enforce gender-segregated seating.
  • Establishment of a Coalition for Affordable Housing that contributed, with other NIF-funded organisations, to a mass movement of Israelis calling for greater social justice in Israel – which included 450,000 people marching in the streets of Tel Aviv in September 2011.
  • Resolutions passed by municipalities in Tel Aviv, Ashdod and Ra’anana initiating new housing projects to ensure access to affordable housing for Israelis with limited financial means.
  • A District Court ruling allowing a gay man and his partner to be registered as parents of twins born with the assistance of a surrogate mother.
  • A High Court order requiring the recognition of a civil (non-religious) marriage that took place in a foreign embassy in Israel.
  • A campaign and lobbying effort that led to the passage of the Clean Air Law, imposing strict emission standards and establishing procedures for monitoring air quality.
  • A huge decrease in the incidence of racist chanting during the Israeli 2010-11 soccer season.

Many other achievements are referred to on NIF Australia’s website.