Did NIF-supported organisations contribute to the Goldstone Commission?


NIF-funded Israeli human rights organisations carefully monitored Operation Cast Lead. The IDF used their reports, worked with those organisations in evaluating its own conduct and has expressly acknowledged their assistance.

Some of these organisations provided information to the Goldstone Commission. But the claim made by some  that “without NIF there would be no Goldstone Report” is incorrect. Just 1.3% of citations in the Goldstone Report originated from NIF grantees. Many more than that were from publicly available Israeli government , agency and other sources. For further information, click here.

These grantees provided the same information in dozens of subsequent investigations by the IDF. Those investigations, in turn, led the IDF to improve its operational procedures and caused Richard Goldstone to revisit his conclusions in an article he published in the Washington Post on 1 April 2011.