Equal Access to Education

Projects we support:

Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI)’s East Jerusalem Project

We’re funding a major Association for Civil Rights in Israel project which fights for classrooms, health clinics and core government services in a city where the majority of residents live below the poverty line.

In East Jerusalem the vast majority of children live below the poverty line and struggle to get access to state-funded education. The imbalance in resources between Jewish West Jerusalem and Palestinian East Jerusalem is staggering.

After a decade of litigation, tens of thousands of Palestinian students still don’t have access to the classrooms they need to attend school. More than 2,000 classrooms need to be built, but only 44 were added last year. Half of existing classrooms are considered substandard by the municipality.

NIF Australia funds ACRI’s litigation and courtroom advocacy, working to have High Court of Justice decisions respected and implemented and ensuring all of Jerusalem’s residents get the education they deserve.


  • 2018 – $23,000
  • 2017 – $105,000

Hand in Hand: Centre for Jewish-Arab Education in Israel

A shining light in Israel’s education system, the Hand in Hand schools, bring together Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel in a dual-narrative, bilingual environment.

More than 1,800 students attend Hand in Hand schools, but their unique model means that it’s not just the students impacted by the program, but also the circles around them. Parents, friends and the wider communities in which the schools are embedded reduce the distress and fear of living in a conflict zone.

By embracing ‘the other’, there is greater trust and better relations between Jewish and Palestinian Israelis living in close proximity.

Whenever there are incendiary moments like the Nation-State Law’s passage, or skirmishes on the Gaza border, the Hand in Hand communities are equipped to work through them, know their classmates aren’t their enemy, and set a standard for a shared Israeli society.


  • 2018 – $51,080