Changing the Dynamics of the Communal Conversation on Israel

The Naomi Chazan Fellowship is an integral part of building a strong community for Australian Jews whose vision for Israel is pluralist, just and democratic.

Fellows, with the experience of their holistic study tour in Israel, and the training and development of the Fellowship’s framework, will become part of an international movement of people who are are able to speak passionately about the fusion of their social justice, Jewish and Zionist values.

Bringing the social justice conversation back to Israel

Our Jewish community has a proud tradition of working with communities facing injustice. Still today, Jewish Australians are at the forefront in pursuing justice for Indigenous Australians and working for humane solutions for asylum seekers and refugees. Let’s align our support for Israel and those values and fight for democracy and equality, the end of the occupation, and against inequality, racism and extremism.

Partnering with Israeli and international change-makers

By meeting and collaborating with prominent members of Israel’s civil society not only will Fellows understand the important work that is being done, but they will also have a chance to develop partnerships with these change makers and work together for a better Israel.

A sense of community

Conversations about social justice and human rights do not exist solely outside the Jewish community, they are part of it. It’s important to ensure the Jewish community’s path is also is pluralist, respectful and inclusive, and to treasure the stories of social justice and equality in the narrative of the Jewish people.

A framework for leadership

Having the knowledge to work for change is only one part of the story; making sure one has the tools to work with others to effect that change is crucial. It is essential to further develop one’s leadership skills, perfect storytelling, and know how to bring others along in this journey.

International leadership and collaboration

The 2018-2019 Fellowship will for the first time combine Fellows from Australia, the UK, Canada and the US. It is a unique opportunity to meet and work with like-minded individuals from different communities around the world. There will be opportunities for collaboration both during the Israel trip and afterwards.