Petition: Censored in Perth - New Israel Fund Australia

Stop Censorship Of NIF By The Maccabean

We call on the Maccabean to end their censorship of the New Israel Fund.

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The Maccabean – the Perth Jewish community’s newspaper – is refusing to carry NIF’s ad promoting our screening of Magash Hakesef (The Silver Platter). They haven’t told us why, and they aren’t responding to our queries.

Magash Hakesef, a documentary about economic inequality in Israel, screened on Israeli television in 2015 and was watched by 1.5 million Israelis. But The Maccabean doesn’t want the Perth Jewish community to know about it.

Read our full statement on the issue.

We think members of the Jewish community are smart enough to make up their own minds about what they see and read about Israel. We don’t need or want nameless censors telling us what to think.

GOAL: 225 signatures