naomi chazan

The Naomi Chazan Fellowship equips young leaders with the tools they need to make an impact on the Australian and international Jewish communities -- it includes a ten-day study tour in Israel, learning and development opportunities, and the chance to share their knowledge and passion with the rest of the Jewish community.

In 2015, NIF Australia sent our first cohort of six Naomi Chazan Fellows. Last year another four Fellows participated in the program. The Fellowship provides a unique opportunity for young Australian, American and English Jews to build on their knowledge of Israel, and create a more holistic and pluralist communal discourse around Israel.

The Naomi Chazan Fellowship takes engaged and committed leaders to the next level. Potential Fellows may have been involved in youth movements, student leaders on campus, active in Jewish welfare bodies, or have volunteered for other social justice groups.

The Fellowship is for a specific type of person – someone who has already taken leadership roles in the community, and is looking to stay committed and engaged. Fellows will possess a fierce sense of social justice, human rights, equality and pluralism, and be concerned about Israel’s future. The Fellowship take these leaders into an immersive and experiential educational environment, enriches their understanding of Israel’s reality, and empowers them to lead a vibrant Jewish community conversation.

As part of the program’s progression, Fellows will be involved in some immersive educational and hands-on human rights experiences (i.e. a trip to Israel), some day-long developmental education experiences (i.e. three Fellowship Seminars), and will also run their own events and programming for other members of the community.

Kerryn Baker Scholarships

Honouring Kerryn's commitment to equality and justice in Israel, and the enrichment of the next generation of community leadership, we are pleased to have two of our Naomi Chazan Fellows acknowledging Kerryn's legacy.